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Drone Support & Repair


The Full Story

We have a small number of technicians that have some serious drone hobbies and want to help the masses! We offer walk through support and troubleshooting over numerous video chat/meeting options and being able to connect to your PC to troubleshoot your drone's software; Betaflight, KISS Gui, DJI, EMUflight, BL_Heli etc. 


   Exmaples of issues:

  • remote binding

  • no video

  • motors not spinning right

  • updating firmware

  • configuring 

  • tutorials and explanations

  • etc


Not an official DJI repair company as of March 2021

(Only really matters if still under warranty)


Build & repair Options

Send us your drone/RC and/or parts and we'll put it together or fix it for you! We can even stream your build live for you to watch and learn and ask questions as you go! Not everyone is good at soldering or just might not feel comfortable building or repairing their parts just yet etc . We'll take care of it for you and send it back or deliver (local) your new or repaired drone usually same day or pending parts deliveries.

Racers have your fleets built and tuned just how you like it!


Crash your DJI?

Don't trash it just yet. We may be able to fix it for you. With a surplus of parts on hand or pending delivery, we are confident that your DJI drone may be able to get back in the air after a little love and care!


Not an official DJI repair company as of March 2021

(Only really matters if still under warranty)

We get replacement parts for DJIFPV


Let’s Work Together

Lets start with your contact info and a description of your problem and/or questions. 

or call  561-282-2675 to schedule a time to speak to a drone technician.

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